Friday, May 31, 2013

Beach, Burger and a Beer

Seafood Cove by the coast of Mount Lavinia is more than just a fresh seafood restaurant it is an experience

What a better experience than the roar of crashing waves and strong breezes fill the open-air restaurant as steady crowds feast on delicious shrimp and crab legs,” says Christianne Labrooy, a regular guest at the Seafood Cove.

A fabulous selection of fine seafood freshly caught and prepared to your desire and a wine guide to find the perfect wine to complement your meal. The rustic environment, the backdrop of fishermen’s nets and lanterns amidst laid out planks for tables, the rush of the ocean and the cool sea breeze create a soft harmony in ocean magic.

The Seafood Cove at the Mount Lavinia Hotel steaming with Steam Pots of ocean food with Crabs and prawns, shellfish to whet your appetite made sizzling fresh by experts surrounded by the ambience of a subtle fishing zone, is an experience one should not keep for later. The numerous initiatives that is more than an experience.

Dine in an idyllic ambience overlooking the Indian Ocean in relaxed, unpretentious surroundings, savour the finest flavours... Discover the hidden cove with treasures of the sea, of the West Coast, stated by a leisure magazine.

Seafood Cove has maintained a simple, rustic decor with an emphasis on the “by the ocean” theme. The beach and the ocean are the focus of the casual eatery with a view of the water from every seat.

It's the kind of place where you can see the tide moving in and out through some gaps in the decking. It's also the kind of place you'll see beach goers are allowed to sit at one of the tables and enjoy a meal in their bathing suits.

A large selection of Fresh Seafood and land lover specialties guaranteed to please the most selective of eaters. Glamorous dining treats don't come more indulgent than a visit to a good off the coast seafood bar in an informal setting. We have picked Sri Lanka’s best crustacean and piscatorial classics – crabs, prawns, lobsters, and much more... and of course the almost compulsory glass of Champagne to go with it. Ask the waiters and they will assist you with the best pairings with Seafood!

Raw bar includes the freshest and highest quality seafood: Seasonal clams & oysters  of course oysters shucked to order, shrimp ceviche, jumbo poached shrimp and crab claws, lemon wedges, chili horseradish sauce, assorted hot sauces, shallot mignonette and fresh horseradish. “Our chefs will help you select the highest quality market seafood.  Options include: assorted clams and oysters, crab claws, scallop/seafood ceviche, jumbo shrimp, grilled lobster tails our options are as large as the sea!” states Executive Chef Asanka.

Others are the Scrumptious blue lagoon Crab Cakes, the ‘Raging Crab’ a complete tempest to tease your taste buds, The Lavinia Dressed Crab by Chef Publis: the signature dish at MLH, Crab and Cilantro, Sampler Combo a total indulgence. Seafood and MLH has always been an all time favourite in the island home and the Chefs at Mount Lavinia Hotel with great expertise innovate and preserve the succulence to turn out special dishes and traditional delicacies!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mom’s Soul Food, Jazz and Blues Sunday

Bringing Soul and Spice to Mum this Mother’s Day is the objective at the Soul Food, Sunday Jazz and Blues Lunch Buffet at Mount Lavinia Hotel. An afternoon dedicated to all yet making it a little bit special to Mothers as there is an agenda lined up for all Mums’. An afternoon with prizes, surprises and a relaxing afternoon out at the Terrace with indeed A little bit of jazz and blues from Norma n Jazz that will make you feel that you are in the good ole US of A. Blackened Tilapia - a flavorful dish, Blackened Chicken Breast - A cajun food dish that looks appealing and packs a flavorful punch. Seafood Gumbo - A longtime southern favorite recipe, Cajun Creole Style Rice , Cajun Style Macaroni and Cheese – Prepared by Chef Indika himself delicious Macaroni and cheese dish with a cajun twist of spices and goodness, Red Beans and Rice – a Louisiana style rice dish that always makes everyone crave for more, Shrimp Jambalaya - A delicious seafood jambalaya recipe with the base ingredients of onions, celery and green peppers which are most common in Louisiana style dishes. Sausage, Chicken and Shrimp Jambalaya - one of the many variations of a popular Louisiana favorite. The meats and vegetables blend well for a unique and exciting taste, Shrimp Etouffee - with the awesome flavor of shrimp, Blackened Red Snapper - This blackened recipe is for the fish lover in you. Served with hush puppies and french fries or over pasta with Alfredo sauce which is best tasted. And not forgetting the Chicken Creole - A very delicious creole recipe that is sure to be a hit with the family and many more Southern American recipes.

Now while all this creative cooking is happening, there will be awful lot of interactive activities for kids too and prizes and surprises. A lot of jiggin’ will occur too with a jazzy and blues feel to the afternoon.

A price of LKR2900/-nett from noon to 3pm and over 24 recipes of Soul Food and not forgetting the Crock Pot Pork roasts, Pulled Pork, Beef Stew, Corned Beef and much more.

Call 2711 430 for further details.