Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Are you ready to enter the world of the Great Gatsby?

The Great Gatsby explores themes of decadence, exuberance, idealism and excess, creating a portrait of the modern era in the roaring 20’s. MLH will add a modern twist to this and create a year-end celebration that screams opulence, decadent, excessive, exuberant and of course grandeur with a no purse concept. It’s like Gatsby himself came to Mount Lavinia and threw a Party. The fact that this movie had everyone in Colombo talking and inspired a fashion crazy is all the more reason for this exuberant theme.

It will begin from 9pm onwards where the whole hotel becomes one venue of live action of the biggest party ever. With unlimited premium drinks, food, and not forgetting the smokes and yes many many prizes to won, including the best dressed male and female who will get a photoshoot session with a studio and a wonderful other prizes.

The venues are as follows:
·         The lower lobby will be a Samba Bar with all the premium drinks you could ever imagine
·         The Horizon Room will be the Land’s End Gaming Lounge where you could win many prizes from gaming with 5000-10000 chips
·         Daisy’s Voice Lounge also at the Horizon Room that will be operated by the Voice Lounge experts will have an opportunity for you to “Sing and Earn” Gaming Chips
·         Long Island Danz at the Empire Ballroom with the perfect blend of contemporary and classics by the Live Band ANNO DOMINI will keep you satisfied and screaming encore
·         1922 Governor’s Rooftop where you could get your favourite shots and smokes for no extra charge at all
·         Other areas of action:
1)    Terrace with DJ Pierre
2)    Sushi Boat
3)    A buffet that has over 30 items of premium dishes for all those food aficionados
4)    A dessert buffet at the Governor’s Restaurant that will be having a variety of hot and cold desserts
5)    After 2am the hamburger, hotdogs and Kottu station will come alive
6)    Coffee and Cognac Lounge at the Lower Lobby
7)    Champagne and Cupcakes at sunrise at the Terrace
8)    Photobooth session with your favourite 1922 prop as memento
9)    Airline tickets to be won
10) And not forgetting the Kiribath to go to all party revelers, and of course much much more exciting Gatsby themed spots for you to choose from

Tickets are priced at LKR19,900/-nett for all you can eat, drink, smoke in a premium state of mind and a first class venue. Call 2711 430 for details. “Also to help you out we did this amazing collection to get you all excited for this grand event,” states Mahika of MLH.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

MLH shines at Travel Trade Sports Club Events

While true determination is known to produce remarkable sportsmen and women. MLH indeed has produced a group of employees by way of sports and they have shown excellent results in recently concluded events. Sports sits as the epitome of hard work and the Mount Lavinia Hotel with its legacy of heritage and traditions has proved that hard work and dedication in work and play certainly pays off. Like Tuan Galip from the MLH Rugby team that recently excelled in their category states, “Sports are about those incredible moments where sheer human will and desire overcomes the odds. These are the moments we should all remember.” The Travel Trade Sports Club Swimming Championships 2013, after being revived in 2011 was held recently held and Mount Lavinia Hotel took medals in many events and they are:
25m Breast Stroke Men Age 40-49
* Second place (Silver Medal) M.A.B.P. Kumara (Security Department)
25m Back Stroke Men Age 40-49
* Second place (Silver Medal) M.A.B.P. Kumara (Security Department)

25m Butterfly Stroke Men Age 40-49
* Third place (Bronze Medal) K. Shelton Perera (Security Department)

25m Free Style Men Age 40-49
* Third place (Bronze Medal) K. Shelton Perera (Security Department)
The Travel Trade Tag Rugby Event for the season also proved that sheer grit is what you need to excel.

Team Members achieved runners up position in the Plate division

1. T.S.M. Galiph  - revenue department
2. J.C Henagama - F&B
3. W.A. Sandun - F&B
4. K.Y.B Ukwatta - F&B
5. R.A. Edirimuni  - Event Desk
6. G.D.S.R Manohara - F&B
7. G.D Upananda - Event Desk

Friday, December 13, 2013

Borderlands Circumnavigates Sri Lanka by Kayak to Celebrate 10th Anniversary!

Sri Lanka’s leading adventure company, Borderlands, will be marking its 10th year in the country by organizing the first ever planned circumnavigation of the island by kayak, with Mount Lavinia Hotel playing host to the inaugural paddle. This unprecedented challenge will be tackled by experienced sea kayakers, Ian Pexton and David Rowland, who will begin their paddle around Sri Lanka on the 15th of December. The two kayakers are planning on paddling approximately 50km a day and hope to complete the 1,200km circumnavigation of the island in about 3 weeks.
The journey by sea kayak will commence at Mount Lavinia and will proceed clockwise, with the two kayakers making landfall at locations including Jaffna, Trincomalee, Arugam Bay, Yala, Parrot Junction and Bentota. The entire voyage will be monitored from land by Borderlands, which has carried out an extensive assessment of all potential risks and will be providing comprehensive ground support. All gear, including modern kayaks, the most up-to-date safety gear, and the toughest communication equipment, will be provided by the Edge Outfitters, a Borderlands sister company.
Sea kayaking is a relatively new sport in Sri Lanka, but one that is quickly proving to be popular amongst those with an independent streak and a love of nature. Sea kayakers must be confident and capable of handling a variety of water and wind conditions; what begins as a leisurely paddle can quickly turn into a challenging contest against surging surf.

Based in Sri Lanka and Nepal, Borderlands is one of the premier adventure tourism and training companies in the region. The company organizes a wide range of adventure activities, ranging from canyoning and hiking to mountain biking and whale watching. It is also a leader in corporate team building, using a mix of adventure activities and problem solving tasks to strengthen organizational culture and confidence.  Borderlands prides itself on having the most experienced guides and course facilitators in the country, a distinction that has helped the company win a 2013 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. 

Beach is back

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fused and tempting new theme nights revamped to suit you

What happens when East and West, North and South all come together in the kitchen at MLH in a sync with what you love to have? Unique dining nights emerge at the Governor’s Terrace. LKR2600/-nett per night and over fifteen dishes are celebrated each theme night to satisfy one’s tastebuds.

Monday : Culinary Influences of Ceylon

Celebrating the culinary favorites of the Colonial era with Dutch, Portuguese and English cuisine. Dishes such as Lamprais, Mani Pittu and Babath curry will be on the cards.

Tuesday : Feasts of the Desert

Fusion cuisine featuring Middle Eastern, Arabian, Lebanese, Moroccan and Persian Dishes. Favorites like Lamb Tagine, Falafel, Bussa Bossa, and Live Cooking spots

Wednesday : Secrets of the Silk Route

Feast on Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and the rich diversity of Silk Route cuisine. Laksa, Miso. Peking Style Chicken, and not forgetting the Singaporean Chili Crab are a few to mention. And the ‘made to order’ salad station with Indonesia’s very own Gado Gado Salad

Thursday : United States of India

Relish the opulent tastes in the many regional cuisines native to India. The menu authentically uplifts cuisine from the North, South, east and west of India while offering guests the additional delight of cuisines shaped by Hindu and Jain beliefs, in particular vegetarianism, and the influences of cultural interaction from other societies that has spiced up dishes to suit any palate. Over twenty varieties of regional dishes synonymous to India will be the night’s focus. Regional dishes like Prawns Koliwada, Jeera Pulao, Badam Kheer, Mutton Shami Kebab, and more

Friday : Backyard BBQ

A real BBQ is simply a matter of taste. Flavourful, sizzling Honey Mustard Grilled Pork Chops, Chorizo, all types of sausages and other grilled, smoked, spice rubbed and churrasco style dishes.

Saturday : Viaggio in Italia

Journey to Italy and savour favourites from the Mediterranean coast. Like Spaghetti Vongole Aioli, Pizza A Prosiutto, Chicken Parmigiana and many more

Sunday : Ape Kema

Chef Publis surfaces food synonymous to all communities of Sri Lanka. With the many fragrances and spices parallel to South Indian food, it remains distinctly its own form of cuisine. Throughout years of colonization and influence from other countries, Sri Lanka has adapted its food culture into a blend of different curry concoctions and dishes which is ready to be experienced with authenticity and traditions entwined. Dishes like Chicken Dummassa, Maldive Fish Sambol, Beef Cutlets, Ghee Rice, Pork Black Pepper, Mutton Chutty Roast, Dolos Mahe Salad,   Waraka Gini Sisila (flambĂ©) are some of the items in the menu.

Pork Knuckle Buster Deal

Who says Pork Knuckle is only served for Oktoberfest? Well as everyone is ready for the rocking season MLH wanted all to knock their socks off this wonderful Christmas season MLH with a wonderful Knuckle Buster Deal. As the Pork Knuckles were the most talked about at the Oktoberfest 2013, MLH wanted all to love it further and don’t forget the great accompaniments that go along with it yes two mugs of your favourite brew just for LKR1500/-nett. Call 2711 430 for details.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Singing Christmas Tree highlights the season in Sri Lanka

As Sri Lanka prepared for the season, one initiative that stood out across the island was this unique concept that exalted voices of children and truly brought in the true spirit of Christmas and was celebrated in grand and yet a classic way with media friends, business affiliates and their inhouse guests was at MLH

The unique Singing Christmas Tree with the Sebastian’s College Choir dawning the season at MLH was a fascinating sight. The Tree the world over has become the most loved and spectacular tradition in launching the season in many countries. Featuring a huge choir and indeed a beautiful display of many lights and the sound that ignited was a just incredible.

For all who missed the first night that had an added brilliant sight was the fireworks display and not forgetting the food that is synonymous to the season was also a welcoming gesture.

The programme will start from 7pm onwards each day at the hotel courtyard and the choirs that will be highlighted are:
·         10th Dec St Sebastian College (Moratuwa)
·         11th Dec Lyceum International School
·         12th Dec Combined Choirs
·         13th Dec St Benedicts College (Colombo 13)
·         14th Dec Methodist Church (Moratuwa)
·         15th Dec Elizabeth Moir School
·         20th Dec Good Shepherd Convent (Colombo 13)
·         21st Dec Vocal Mystique
·         22nd Dec Combined Universities
·         23rd Dec St Joseph College (Colombo 10)

For more information please call 2711 420 

Monday, December 9, 2013

International Hotel School(IHS) herald the Christmas season

Christmas is no fun without the traditional Christmas cake. And making it is no quick and easy task -- preparations begin way ahead of time. To mark the birth of Jesus Christ, many institutions in Sri Lanka organize cake-mixing ceremonies to spread the warmth of the festive season. People from different walks of life come together for such ceremonies.

The first step towards making the cake is the mixing process, formally called the cake-mixing ceremony. "It is a ritual religiously followed the world over, and is said to be a herald of good tidings and happiness," says the Principal of the IHS Mr M Hulangamuwe. Originally a family affair, it is for many years celebrated within many to spread camaraderie and goodwill. The International Hotel School of Mount Lavinia Hotel that provides a launching pad for those interested in taking up careers in the Hospitality Industry, has been the only functional hotel school in Sri Lanka with a history of 21 years. Speaking on the history of cake-mixing, the cake mixing tradition dates back to 17th century in Europe. The ceremony marks the arrival of the harvest season. During this time, lots of fruits and nuts were harvested and used in the making of the traditional plum cake. Taking note of the cake ingredients, Mr Hulangamuwe stated said that the students made sure it comprised of dry fruits like raisins, black currants, prunes, glazed dates, cherries, candid orange, lemon rinds and nuts like cashews, pistachios and almonds, all the original ingredients that is in the cake. Then came the best part - that is pouring in the liquor. Later, large quantities of liquor, fresh juices, honey are generously added to soak all the mixtures. Freshly ground spices are also added and tossed till the fruits and nuts are well coated. "This was emptied into large containers and stored till a few days before Christmas, with occasional stirring to ensure that the nuts soak till they are swollen," he explained. The mixing took place last month and many students got into the celebration with great enthusiasm.  The baking which will be done at HIS by the Kitchen Students and the Cake will be distributed among the Managers of leading Hotels in Colombo.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Singing Christmas Tree dawns the season at MLH

As MLH is preparing for the season, one of the many initiatives that make them standout from the rest, mainly focuses on the unique traditions that they exalt each year that are celebrated across the world and indeed make the Christmas season so special.

One such celebration is the ever famous Singing Christmas Tree. The Trees have become the most loved and spectacular tradition in launching the season in many countries. Featuring a huge choir and indeed a beautiful display of many lights and the voices of children and young adults will be the sound that ignites the evening. The Singing Christmas is usually an exciting presentation of Christmas classics and the pageantry of a 40-foot-tall Christmas tree is the essence of the programme.

Here at MLH dawning the season on 10th December 2013, the first ever Singing Christmas Tree with the voices of children will dawn the season. This will be a debut event and a memorable one for Sri Lanka.

The programme will start from 7pm onwards each day at the hotel courtyard and the choirs that will be highlighted are:
·         10th Dec St Sebastian College (Moratuwa)
·         11th Dec Lyceum International School
·         12th Dec Combined Choirs
·         13th Dec St Benedicts College (Colombo 13)
·         14th Dec Methodist Church (Moratuwa)
·         15th Dec Elizabeth Moir School
·         20th Dec Good Shepherd Convent (Colombo 13)
·         21st Dec Vocal Mystique (SJC Colombo 10)
·         22nd Dec Combined Universities
·         23rd Dec St Joseph College (Colombo 10)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Evening of Ensemble by the Musicians of the Commonwealth Festival Orchestra

Mount Lavinia Hotel was pleased to present an Evening of Ensemble that showcased the diverse talent of the musicians from both the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka and the Commonwealth Resounds. The evening began at the Empire Ballroom with the Cellists from the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka performing Bach’s Chaconne.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

President of Cyprus fascinated by MLH

Visiting President of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis, and his accompanying Consulate of The Republic of Cyprus in Sri Lanka Mrs C Premanie Perera were received by the Resident Manager of MLH and Mr Harinda Weerasinghe and Ms Mahika Pereira – Head of Corporate Communications at the hotel on 14th November 2013. He visits the country to attend the inaugural ceremony of the Commonwealth Heads and Officials General Meeting.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Geethma continues to shine at MLH

Geethma from MLH was the regional winner in the Absolut Bartenders Challenge in the category of Classic Cocktail Competition. Geethma a youth trainee began her career at the MLH in 2010. The Youth trainee programme conducted by the Mount Lavinia Hotel Group(MLHG) is a great asset to the hotel industry. They are absolutely phenomenal young men and women with the passion to excel. Their commitment, attitude and perseverance is remarkable and indeed they are a wonderful addition to the MLH. The goal of the youth trainee programme is mainly to provide rural youth an opportunity and indeed to accomplish their dreams. The training and development provided regardless of colour or creed with equal opportunities for them to excel as true hoteliers is the essence of the efforts made by MLH. No doubt this shining star Geethma who was born from this programme continues to keep the MLH flag hoisted high in success. Her first success came in May 2012 at the 21st Marie Brizard Competition where she bagged the winner’s trophy at the Colombo Regional round. Subsequently in September she won the Spice Cocktail Competition conducted by the Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority. In 2013 she did MLH proud by winning Gold Medals in two competitions at the Chefs Guild Culinary Arts Competition. And finally in November she successfully won the Colombo Regional Category in the Absolut Bartender Challenge.