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A tropical paradise to host your destination wedding

Mount Lavinia Hotel on lush tropical Sri Lanka is one of Sri Lanka’s most panoramic hotel atop a rocky promontory, retaining the old world charm and imperial elegance of yesteryear combined with the most up to date facilities of a modern resort that any discerning traveler might ask for.

With such unique settings and many exotic venues are available to make your wedding a dream come true.
1)   Tea Garden
A garden overlooking the sea and its unique products being the unusually extensive beach frontage, a stunning panorama of the Colombo skyline.

2)   Empire Ballroom
If you've been dreaming of a fairytale wedding, look no further than the Empire Ballroom. Wedding couples will feel like royalty as they take their vows beneath a 7 tier chandelier of the beautifully-laid art deco ballroom with wooden polished floors.

3)   Horizon Room, Imperial Room and Regency Room with the Pavilion
Dance the evening away in true style and regality combined and soak up the opulence of one of Sri Lanka’s best kept secrets.

4)   Governors’ Rooftop and Horizon Rooftop
Hold an intimate wedding for close family and friends somewhere special like the Governors Rooftop or the Horizon Rooftop The wedding planning team can help you create a wedding day as unique as you are.

5)   Maitland State Room
As a Governor’s Residence it formed the heart of where much entertainment and conviviality was celebrated by the former British Governors and their guests and thus it is not surprising today that the same spirit is enjoyed by the many guests and travellers who visit this historic hotel. It is with great passion and expertise that I introduce the prestigious Maitland Stateroom, which has been meticulously decorated to the period of its original occupants and considered the signature venue of MLH.

6)   La Fontaine Room
The La Fontaine reception room sits high above the sandy beaches and offers a spectacular view of the ocean from every table. It is ideal for cozy family occasions of 50-150 people. Impressive hand sculptured ceiling intricate art decor and while the sensuous seclusion of the room provides guests with the perfect setting.

7)   Take full advantage of the amazing paradise beach, the private beach at MLH by holding your special day at one of the outdoor beach wedding venues perfect for destination weddings. Combine romance with nature in a coastal wedding if you prefer the blue turquoise waters and goldy sands of the tropics, then the beach locations will be somewhere special:-
·         Tropical Hut
·         Beach Hut
·         Paradise Beach

8)   Terrace
An extract from Newsweek magazine which describes The Mount Lavinia Hotel Terrace as “One of the World’s Best Gathering Places” has this to say……..”For many people the romance of the East is inseparable from the Old World Charm of its colonial era buildings – and none is more romantic than Colombo’s Mount Lavinia Hotel….Today, the Hotel’s Governor’s Terrace offers much more than just a romantic history.

Mount Lavinia holds some very special memories, whether they be engagements, weddings, anniversaries or other special events celebrated here over a lifetime and it is important that its ambience is preserved for future generations so that Mount Lavinia Hotel becomes a unique place in their hearts and minds too!

“Our Wedding celebrations at MLH was magical”

“On 7th July 2011 Aarti and Jagjeet married at the Mount Lavinia Hotel: the iconic heritage hotel by the sea located in Sri Lanka. This venue by far is one of the most beautiful hotels that we have been to. The morning started out with Jagjeet arriving to the ceremony site in a vintage car following his baraat, which was accompanied by live dhol, music, and dancing. The traditional South Indian Hindu ceremony was held outdoors on the Paradise Beach. As soon as I met the MLH team, I instantly felt connected to them, they were so excited about having us at the hotel, and we were equally excited about being at a historical landmark of Sri Lanka and one of the surviving colonial properties in the island. That has stood the test of time and still maintains the charm of a bygone era. Wow to place that in our invitations!!! One of our wishes for the wedding, was for it to be memorable and indeed to be spoken about for decades. We had the baraat & ceremony in the morning, and by evening, we had a beautiful event at the Governors Rooftop with sunset cocktails and then the reception in the Empire Ballroom.”

Have your perfect paradise wedding in Mount Lavinia Hotel, a magical heritage hotel ranked high as the best location for destination weddings. With a mélange of exotic venues, choosing where in MLH to get married might be the hardest decision you make when planning your dream wedding. From the grand colonial style ballroom with a magnificent seven-tier chandelier, accommodating up to 450 guests. The pillar-less architecture adding splendour of the Empire Ballroom to the shimmering golden beach of the Paradise Beach to “One of the best gathering places in the world”, having your wedding in MLH will be memorable and special to all who attend. Work closely with Savio Mendonza, who hails from India, to combine unique ideas and modern methods with traditional wedding customs to create an elegant and exclusive wedding.

From the simple things like the father of the bride offering the groom honey and yogurt in a North Indian ceremony to the antarpat (piece of cloth) held between the bride and groom in a West Indian ceremony, MLH wedding management team will cover all of the details. Don't forget about the guests – accommodation, transportation and souvenirs – all can be chosen with detail and care well in advance. Once you confirm a decision, you don't have to think about it again – MLH team of specialists will enforce your decision, follow up and make sure it is carried out to your exact requirement.

Our wedding planner and event team offers you choices on all of the following:

·         Accommodation and transportation options for the bridal party and their guests
·         Care packages for guests: souvenirs that thanks them for their travels
·         Hosting of pre-wedding functions (venue, cuisine, entertainment, etc.): bachelor's party, mehndi (henna) ceremony, sangeet ceremony
·         Photographers/ Videographers
·         Wedding theme and colours
·         Make-up Artists, Hairstylists and Mehndi (Henna) Artists
·         Clothing options for the bride groom in a variety of styles and colours; alterations to clothing; accessories such as shoes and jewellery
·         12 Exotic venues
1.   Tea Garden
2.   Empire Ballroom
3.   Governors’ Rooftop
4.   Horizon Rooftop
5.   Horizon Room
6.   Regency Room
7.   Maitland State Room
8.   La Fontaine Room
9.   Tropical Hut
10.        Beach Hut
11.        Paradise Beach
12.        Terrace

·         Wedding Transport: bride's car, groom's car, horse and buggy
·         Decorator: decoration of the venue, tables, bride's car, grooms car, wedding stage,
·         Floral Arrangements
·         Special arrangements: Fireworks, Fog machines, bubble machines, etc.
·         An array of specialty chefs who vary in food styles; food tasting prior to the event
·         Wedding Cake
·         Wedding Souvenirs
·         Entertainment: DJ's, live bands,
·         Detailed understanding and implementation of the religious and cultural aspects of your wedding: garlands, turmeric, anything necessary
·         Preparation of all legal documents
·         Traditional lamp (kuthu vilaku)
·         Raw rice (white)
·         Flowers - udhiripoo
·         rose petals & Jasmines
·         Betel, Leaves
·         Betel nuts (ericonut)
·         Coloured raw rice for kolam
·         Garlands for the wedding ceremony
·         Vessels (brass and copper)
·         Sambrani
·         Mango leaves threaded together
·         Copper water container and spoon
·         Raw Rice Powder
·         Kum Kum
·         Camphor

Contact Savio on or call him on 0094 77342 5834 if not more details can be sourced on


Many people question if a dream to win awards for a passion they pursue really does exist. For Geethma, and Damith , two youth from the Youth Trainee Programme in MLH, “the winner in bartendering” dream was just hearsay, they felt it was unattainable since both came to the hotel straight after school into a programme that MLH has been committed to and consistently paving the way for stars and where the emphasis is on creating opportunities for a better tomorrow for the Youth of Sri Lanka: Youth Training Programme at MLH. It was an initiative begun by Mr Prasanna Jayawardena – a dynamic GM of the MLH once upon a time and now the same dynamism or more continued by Mr Anura Dewapura, focus on the Youth Training Programme as the priority in the list of things to do.

The programme has seen youth from Trincomalee, Tangalle and even Batticaloa excel in their areas of disciplines and making their lives absolutely wonderful. Geethma and Damith were such youth who came to the hotel through the Youth Training Programme with their parents hopes of making their children’s dreams come to life. Indeed it did become reality. At the recently held 21st Marie Brizard Cocktail Competition- Colombo Region five participants from the hotel and quite coincidently all five were Youth Trainees from the batches of 2010 and 2011, who after completing their programme have now been absorbed to the Hotel team cadre bagged 1st and 5th place in the Classical Innovative Cocktail Competition of the 21st Marie Brizard Cocktail Competition.

This globally renowned cocktail competition begins in the regions of Sri Lanka, which then goes to the All Island event and finally takes successful youth to the global competition overseas. This is the only competition in Sri Lanka that surfaces unique creations in cocktails which showcase talent and signature creations by youth that are passionate in blends, concoctions, mixtures, and attention to detail presentation.

Although Geethma and Damith understood English and speak the language, they were not fluent enough to join the hospitality trade as they did not have any experience in the industry. But the opportunity created by the Youth Trainee Programme saw to it that their passions could come to life by the necessary skills and knowledge incorporated to their curriculum. “They had that positive attitude and the enthusiasm to go for gold hence it was an easy task to instil the skills and knowledge of the particular disciplines into their system.” In a few short months, Geethma, Damith and along with all youth trainees, a major improvement in skill and knowledge was ready to place them on the road to success.

According to the GM of MLH, Mr Anura Dewapura, “All the youth trainees are a great asset to the hotel. They are absolutely phenomenal young men and women with the passion to excel. Their commitment, attitude and perseverance is remarkable and indeed they are a wonderful addition to our family at MLH.” He further avers, “Our goal is to provide rural youth an opportunity and indeed to accomplish their dreams. The training and development we provide regardless of colour or creed with equal opportunities for them to excel as true hoteliers is essence of our efforts. No doubt many shining stars have been born from this programme and even at the hotel we have a few in different capacities that wave the flag of successful youth trainees.” 

Geethma and Damith stated that with the Youth training Programme, they have been able to help their families’ livelihood where they can live comfortably. Geethma continues “I want to thank MLH for taking me in and helping me learn the hospitality trades’ vital areas of quality service from scratch but especially for helping me pursue and live my dream. Thanks to the programme, I now have a better quality of life and feel like I can live my dream.”

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Everyone who has ever been to Italy has fallen in love with its history, landscapes, art, architecture, and, of course, its FOOD. Even those who have never been to Italy already know Italian food in some shape, taste and form - who has never eaten pizza or spaghetti pasta?2nd June marks the National day of Italy. In honour of the day, MLH has brought in a specialty Chef from Italian Chef Riccardo Rizzoli who will surface a potpourri of authentic Italian flavours that characterize the many regions of Italy. Sapori e Piaceri’ which literally means "taste and pleasure" and indeed this is what we will offer”, states Anura Dewapura. 2012 marks a very special point in Italy’s history, on March 17th; Italy celebrated its 151th anniversary of its unification as a single state. As we celebrate this important milestone in Italian history, Chef Riccardo will highlight authentic Italian cuisine at Governor’s Restaurant for Dinner to celebrate the National day of Italy on 2nd June till 4th June 2012 with a buffet at LKR3000/-nett.

5th to 10th June will further heighten the Italian way of life by way of cooking styles: “Great tastes of Tuscany”. The central region of Tuscany, which is probably the best known region outside of Italy for its beauty, history and charm will be yours to experience. The Governors Terrace will surface traditional recipes that characterize Italy’s distinct Tuscany region’s cuisine. Fresh, quality and flavourful ingredients to top or sandwich in to taste the real Tuscan experience. “This is our way of bringing Tuscany to Sri Lanka and indeed Italian cuisine to Sri Lanka” states Anura Dewapura, General Manager, MLH. Some of the dishes are:

Another Tempest # 4

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lady Bartender bags gold for MLH at 21st Marie Brizard 2012 at the Colombo Region Competition

Lady power reigned supreme when Geethma Sandamali of MLH bagged the Gold and Damith Soyza took on Fifth Place at the Marie Brizard classical innovative competition. This superb event organized by the Ceylon Hotel School Graduates Association together with Free Lanka Trading Co. Ltd is a much looked forward to event in the hospitality sector which showcases talent and signature creations by youth that are passionate in blends, concoctions, mixtures, creation and attention to detail presentation.

“Geethma did indeed made us proud by not only showcasing her talents but proudly showcasing that a female can reign supreme in a discipline that is globally acclaimed to be predominantly a male’s forte,” stating Anura Dewapura, General Manager of MLH.

“We wish her the best in the All Island Competition to be held soon”. It is nice to know that our innovativeness does get highlighted with competitions as such, and yet we know it is not just luck, but they have honed their presentation skills with good training and hard work, well done team MLH.”

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Sounds of Maldives 2012

Sounds of Maldives is a friendly, nation based traditional music label set in the heart of Maldivian Traditional Music inclusive of modern trend with the aim of promoting the beautiful island world of Maldives through the medium of Music around the globe. Over the last three years, Bodu Beru and local musicians has established a unique atmosphere with their original music that has drawn musicians and singers from throughout the country and the tourists to be attracted with the talent and the style performed by these artists presenting the traditional entertainment of music on various occasions.
Sounds of Maldives will be a brand which promotes the destination using the culture and the talent of Maldivian entertainers and musicians. With the great success of SOUNDS OF MALDIVES 2011 events held in Male’ and Kuda Bandos with the famous artists Unoosha, Barchie,, The 5, Dj Vifak, Harubee, Mira and Umar. The 2012 edition has been planned to be held on the 8th of June 2012 (Friday) at Paradise Beach of the Mount Lavinia Hotel, Sri Lanka. This year’s event will feature popular artists including Ritte, Mummu,, Fasy, Unoosha, Barchie, 1 Knight Stand, The Void Arcadium, Furadhan and Varadhaana Beru.

Tickets for the event are available from Time Zone, Ramp and Baywatch Styl in Male’ and at Maldives Bliss, Hoalhuashi and Mount Lavinia Hotel in Sri Lanka. In addition, Special packages from Maldives to the event are available at Capital Travel, more info :  . Sounds of Maldives 2012 will be representing the biggest lineup of Maldivian artists ever out of Maldives on an event. SOM 2012 have been supported by Maldives Marketing & PR , Nescafe’, STO, White Shades, Time Zone, Ramp, Baywatch Styl, Music World, Dhitv, MISC Magazine, Music World, Pop Joy, Mount Lavinia Hotel (Sri Lanka), Capital Travel and Dhiraagu.

The event is organized and managed by Highrise in association with Dhivehi Records, a record label established to support and develop the local artists and local music productions.

Official Facebook fan page;

Official Event Facebook page;

Official event details;

Official event video;

“Jazz at the Mount” a hot topic this June season at MLH

Jazz cannot wait for concert halls. It cannot be heard everywhere in the streets. I will not only talk about the bands and celebrations that regularly take place in at MLH but especially about the syncopated rhythms of Jazz that will highlight MLH next week and beyond. Starting with the popular Governors Jazz Sunday Brunch at MLH getting jazzier on Sunday, 27th May 2012 from 1100am to 3pm at the Terrace with the upbeat Asia Pacific Jazz ensemble, professionals performing in true spirit. Popular Pianist Eshantha Peiris will top a notch higher with his Jazz grooves. Drummer Dr Sumudi Suraweera: aka as Sum has been a performing jazz musician in New Zealand for ten years where he collaborated with various Lankan and Kiwi groups and artists and performed in his own ensembles including the Serendib Sextet and Baliphonics. Double Bassist Isaac Smith: New Zealand born musician and composer with a passion for improvised and creative music who states that the double bass owns him. All three are highly qualified musicians and teachers from Musicmatters ( in Colombo and dedicated to music of the most sublime and sensitive nature.

Then June MLH will present Carte blanche au Jazz, with le Olivier Franc Quintet from 16th to 18th June 2012. Reputed to be “the greatest soloist and creator of the history of Jazz”, Sidney Bechet, will be best interpreted by Olivier Franc. Recreating the same passion through the compositions as the master himself, “Olivier Franc’s Jazz Quintet” will begin a diffusion of French culture at MLH.
The Quintet will perform on:
·         16th June – Jazz on the Paradise Beach will sell tickets at LKR1500
·         17th June – Dinner and Jazz in the Empire Ballroom will sell tickets at LKR6000/-nett
·         18th June – Jazz on the Terrace – LKR3500

Then Sintonia ‘ an acoustic jazz quartet defines contemporary funk and jazz with its blend of sophisticated original compositions and a unique treatment of the classics adding a vivacious sound to the local jazz repertoire will surface on 24th June 2012 at the Sunday Jazz Brunch. The working ensemble approaches a regular quartet format from a new perspective creating a unique ensemble sound.

The foursome reflects the true heart of Funky Jazz and its sound is based in part on compositions of the Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Randy Crawford and the contemporary favorites including Michael Buble, Rihanna, Bruno Mars & Taio Cruz.

The Quartet consisting of Monique Wille on vocals, Greg Pallegama on Drums, Ashane Bernard on Keyboards & Suren De Kauwe on Bass Guitar, produces music that makes the most of the intriguing sound potential of a contemporary jazz outfit, fitting in ideally for Corporate launches, Cocktails, lounge and relaxing atmospheres.

MLH featured on video - Charming Ceylon 1931

Book your Lavinia Dream Wedding and indulge in lifelong memories

Corporate Blitz

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Jamaican Jerk BBQ by Executive Chef Indika to heat up MLH

“If you cannot travel to the Caribbean, we can bring the island flavours to you,” states Chef Indika who will heat up MLH 25th to 27th May 2012 at the Governor Restaurant for Dinner.

There are any number of recipes for jerk seasoning, and many have an ingredient list a mile long. But MLH agrees that there are three jerk spice ingredients that are key: allspice, Scotch bonnet peppers, and thyme.
The allspice berry, also known as "Jamaica pepper," is native to the island and has a rich, spicy flavor reminiscent of a mingling of cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
Scotch bonnet peppers are small, orange, and extremely hot--they are among the hottest chillies available.
Thyme is widely used in Caribbean cooking and adds complexity to the flavor of the meat. Additional ingredients that are often added to jerk seasoning include garlic, brown sugar, green onions, soy sauce, lime juice, orange juice, rum, bay leaves, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and black pepper. So Chef Indika will surface the real Jamaica jerk complemented by over twelve recipes including, spiced Jerk, Curry Goat, ackee with salted fish, peas and rice, Chicken Stew are a few to mention. “In olden days the meat was wrapped in pimento leaves and placed over live coals in the pit on a stick then covered until done, well we will do just the same,” Yes that is exactly how it will be done at MLH, states Chef Indika.

Price - Rs 3000/-nett
Entertainment - Shaman and the Reggae colors at the Terrace from 7.00-10.30pm

Call 2711 430 for further details.

Jamaican Jerk BBQ

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Special offer for Honeymooners

Mother's day celebrated in style at MLH

Mother's day is everyday however we made it extra special on 13th May. The mothers', young ones and all families enjoyed the activities of the day thoroughly which highlighted a cookery demonstration by Chef Publis and an art/craft corner for the young ones plus a unique concept of "writing ones' thoughts about mum wall". The exquisite buffet was prepared by the team headed by executive chef Indika Jayawardena.