Thursday, September 3, 2015

Founder member of Bata Sri Lanka visits Mount Lavinia Hotel

Mount Lavinia Hotel was pleased to host Mr. Gerard Janssen, the founder member of Bata in Sri Lanka, during his present visit to the island.

Mr. Janssen first came to Sri Lanka in 1950 at the age of 22, to establish Bata and played a key role in developing the foot-wear into the house hold name it is now. Making Sri Lanka his abode for years to come Mr. Janssen was married at St. Sebastian’s Church, Moratuwa where subsequently his three children were christened.

“Sri Lanka was our home when my children were growing up. They were called ‘Akka’, ‘Nangi’, and ‘Malli’ by their Sri Lankan nanny and we still call them and they each other, by the same names,” reminisced Mr. Janssen. “We visited Mount Lavinia Hotel often since we lived close by, and it was obvious that I chose to come back this time as well,” he adds.

Bringing back moments from past, Mr. Janssen carried with him three menus published by the hotel in the early 1950s, with signatures of friends on it. Meeting Chef Publis Silva, one of the oldest serving employees at Mount Lavinia Hotel, Mr. Janssen was delighted to talk about the past; the food, service and ambiance.

“In our long journey of hospitality, we have hosted many personalities who have shaped the history of Sri Lanka; be it politicians, businessmen or artists. Mr. Janssen is one of them who came to the country to initiate a foot-wear business and left us with one of the most known brands, Bata,” commented Harinda Weerasinghe, Resident Manager of Mount Lavinia Hotel. “We are pleased that he has revisited us, and brought us fragments of the past as well.”

Friday, July 17, 2015

Taste the most delectable seafood made specially for you at the Seafood Cove

Mount Lavinia Hotel’s Seafood Cove has been a favourite among Colombo’s seafood lovers for decades. Transforming the freshest catch of the day into the most appetizing seafood dishes, the Cove caters to a large clientele of which many are regular patrons who keep coming back for the tantalising food, the star-class service and a serene atmosphere, ideal for relaxing one’s mind at the end of a long day.

The Seafood Cove is most alive after sunset and right through dinner. The market concept has always been a favourite among local and foreign patrons of the restaurant. Fresh catch from the sea is directly brought and displayed on a boat. The choice is as large as the sea including fresh lobster, prawns, crabs, mullet, sprats, seer fish, cuttle fish, modha and tuna to name a few, as well as Seafood Cove’s own specialties like the Scrumptious blue lagoon Crab Cakes, the ‘Raging Crab’  and the Lavinia Dressed Crab by Chef Publis.

The ‘market concept’ allows the guest to choose the fish as well as the quantity as the prices are marked according to the weight ordered. Once chosen, the seafood dish is prepared as requested. Be it fried, cooked or grilled; the expert chefs at the Seafood Cove will produce the most delicious seafood platter that will tingle your taste buds.

Set up on the Paradise beach of Mount Lavinia Hotel, in a rustic setting complete with cadjan roof and wooden tables and chairs, the lamp lit atmosphere adds a serendipitous charm to this signature restaurant. As the sun sets on the horizon, you can bury your feet in the soft sand and enjoy the slow lapping of the waves and the hush of the wind under the stars accompanied by soft calypso music. The Seafood Cove is one of the very few Seafood restaurants on the beach that creates a soft harmony of ocean magic and sizzling seafood.

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Governor's New Affair

A new affair has blossomed at Mount Lavinia Hotel’s infamous Governor’s Restaurant with the introduction of the new A La Carte menu. With an excessive list on offer the colonial heritage hotel invites patrons to a mouth-watering gastronomical experience.

For centuries guests from all around the world have fallen in love with the Governor’s mansion and to this day, they continue to fall in love over and over again. Mount Lavinia Hotel offers the best of colonial heritage alongside the luxury of modern comfort. The delectable cuisine ranging from European to Indian and the Far East offered at the Ceylonese style Governor’s Restaurant with the charming view of the Indian Ocean and the Colombo skyline has and continues to be one of the famous meeting points for friends, families, business associates and guests.

The exceptional international spread is created by the talented multi-national team of chefs. Chef Michael Goeggerle of German origins and of Chesa Swiss fame brings in the European touch to the expansive menu along with International Chinese Chef Qui Zhiqiang adding the taste of Far East. Mount Lavinia Hotel’s very own culinary guru Chef Publis’ Sri Lankan cuisine ties up with International Indian Chef Nirbhai Singh’s all-Indian dishes. Followed by the delicious array of desserts including the traditional Galkisse Bibikkan, Crème Brulee and Symphony of Tropical Mousses, the creative presentation and the tasteful indulgence will honour your taste palates.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ifthar Buffet

Go Bananas at the Mount!

It’s all things banana at Mount Lavinia Hotel from 19th to 26th June as the colonial hotel presents ‘Herbie Goes Bananas’ once again. Named after the infamous movie featuring the White Volkswagen racing Beetle, with a mind of its own, the totally banana promotion features a range of smoothies, shakers, mains and desserts, creatively prepared by the talented chefs of MLH with banana as the main ingredient.

Banana is one of the most loved fruit by all across cultures. Its rich nutrition combined with the creamy and succulent taste makes it a fruit of choice from infants to sportsmen to elders. Sri Lanka is a haven of Bananas with the wide variety found grown in our homes and fields. Therefore, it is ideal for the creative chefs of MLH to take this ever-loved, ever-present fruit and turn it into an exciting variety of sweet and savoury dishes.

Start going bananas with a Banana, avocado and bush honey smoothie or a Banana, chocolate and hazelnut shakers. Follow it by Grilled wild barramundi fillet; Crispy Plantain, corn puree, greens and caviar cream. End the exciting meal with Blonde Ambition; MLH’s version of white mud cake, caramelized banana, bourbon, vanilla cream and white chocolate with strawberry sauce or Honey banana; Almond sponge, honeycomb cream, macerated banana and gooey peanut caramel.

Herbie Goes Bananas also celebrates World Volkswagen Day which is on the 21st of June. Mount Lavinia Hotel will be the host for the Volkswagen Beetle parade which will conclude in a celebration at the Empire Ballroom. The colonial atmosphere will be transformed into a mini fete with German food and music. Headed by Mount Lavinia Hotel’s own German Chef Michael Goeggerle, the culinary team will dish out popular German snacks and beverages for all those who wish to come and admire the rows of Volkswagen Beetles that will be on display.

Herbie Goes Bananas at the Terrace
19th – 26th June

11.00 am – 6.00 pm 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Meet the Beetle Bugs at the Mount

The “World Volkswagen Day”  will be celebrated on Sunday the 21st of June in remembrance of this unique motoring marvel that made motoring a way of life with over 21 million examples that found their way into every nook and crevice of the world. Organized by The Volkswagen Beetle Owners Club, the parade will head to Mount Lavinia Hotel where the grand finale will take place.

The event will pay tribute to Mr.Gordon Gunasekara who made his dream come true by driving a VW Kombi Van from Ceylon to the UK way back in 1973. The colonial atmosphere will be transformed into a mini fete with German food and music. Headed by Mount Lavinia Hotel’s own German Chef Michael Goeggerle, the culinary team will dish out popular German snacks and beverages for all those who wish to come and admire the rows of Volkswagen Beetles that will be on display.

Mount Lavinia has a special bond with the history of the VW Beetle in Sri Lanka. Rather co-incidentally, the first VW Beetle was brought to Mount Lavinia with the importation of a fleet of Buses of German origin that was consigned to the order of the Colombo South Motor Bus Company based at Mount Lavinia. Along with the fleet came a German Engineer who brought along with him his trusty 1949 Model VW Beetle that was registered in 1951. This also adds to the great lineage that is shared with VW and Mount Lavinia.

It was over 60 years ago that the first consignment of VW Beetles were introduced to the driving public of Ceylon which began the “wave” of “Beetle mania” that found the ownership of many who took up the challenge against the odds and the criticism of a rear engine air-cooled machine that resembled a “Beetle . The challenge was proven with humble thanks to the un-rivaled reliability, economy and more than all, the light steering and responsive handling  that won the hearts of over 3500 owners within a short span of 7 years from 1953 right up to the restriction era of 1960.

The Beetle has created a sense of “joy” to the many generations of owners who have considered the “Bug” as a member of the family which may have been the decisive factor of the World dedicating a “day” for the diminutive Beetle that is celebrated around the Globe. As in the previous events, VW’s of all ages and colours are expected to participate in this year’s celebrations as well. This event is certainly not to be missed by any person who goes “gaga” on “Beetlemania”. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wailers live online offer!

Make her Day Special: bring your mother to Mount Lavinia Hotel for Mother’s Day

One day might just not be enough to show your mother how special she is. Yet if you can make even that one day extra special, why not do it?

Mount Lavinia Hotel brings you an exclusive gourmet experience to celebrate that amazing woman in your life. The colonial styled extensive Sunday Brunch accompanied by live Jazz music is the perfect place to pamper her palate and soul. The Governor’s Restaurant with its colonial façade overlooking the Pool and Terrace with a view of the Indian Ocean and the Colombo skyline at a distance will blend in the intimate and cosy ambiance for a perfect family outing. Patrons will also receive free access to the pool as well as the beautiful Paradise Beach.

Going beyond the gastronomic experience, the colonial heritage hotel is prepared to make the day more special. The talented artist at the venue will paint a beautiful portrait of your mother which will be the perfect gift to her. Write the best Mother’s Day message on the message wall and win a valuable gift pack from Stone n String. Also on Mother’s Day the Mount Lavinia Hotel is set to give every mother the much needed break. A series of kids’ activities in forms of face painting, handicraft and decorating cupcakes are in line to keep your little one busy and allow you to have that precious ‘me’ time.

Head towards the Mount Lavinia Hotel this Mother’s Day for a memorable time with your family and celebrate the one woman who bonds the family together.