Thursday, March 26, 2015

Earth Hour at MLH

Easter Sunday Brunch at the Mount Lavinia Hotel

Easter is all about celebrating life through remembering the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter Sunday is celebrated by millions of Christians around the world as they give thanks to their lives and its blessings.

This Easter, Mount Lavinia Hotel opens its colonial atmosphere to an extensive Sunday Brunch at the Governor’s Restaurant including Easter specialties including Easter Eggs, Hot-cross buns, Chocolate Easter Bunnies, Marshmallow Bunnies, Smoked leg of Ham, Oyster, Terrine, Pate and Duck.

For children, Easter is a time for Easter Bunnies and Easter Egg hunts. A line of lively Kids’ activities are ready for those who accompany their parents to brunch. Get your face painted with your favourite figure as you join the Easter Egg Hunt and sit down to make some amazing handicraft.

Have a dip in the pool as you enjoy the warm Sunday afternoon by the Terrace overlooking the Indian Ocean or enjoy the golden sand and the waves on the Paradise Beach either before or after you enjoy your brunch.

Listen to the soothing Gospel and Jazz music by Norma and Jazz as you indulge in the best of Mount Lavinia Hotel’s signature dishes in the celebration of a blessed Easter.

Priced at Rs 2900/- net
For more details contact 0112 711 711 Ext. 430/446

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Which ‘Battle’ will you go to this Big Match season? Mount Lavinia Hotel inaugurates the ‘Battle of the Batters’

The most exuberant and eagerly anticipated event in the school calendar is back. It’s the time of the year when school flags wave a-plenty and throaty cheers accompany the hearty loyalty of one’s alma mater as they ‘battle’ it out their against their arch rivals. The Big Match season is celebrated across the country and in Colombo, it is a spectacle on its own as every family from father to son to grandfather gets into the spirit of the big match. From late February throughout the month of March, the ‘Battles’ range in all forms such as Blues, Maroons, Saints, Brothers and so on.

Why restrict the fun only to the cricket field? This season the spirit is carried over to the Mount Lavinia Hotel as the expert chefs of the colonial hotel gear up for their kind of battle; the inaugural ‘Battle of the Batters’ where an array of scrumptious thick batters to fit the Big Match season will be prepared by the culinary masters of the Mount.

At the launch event, the chefs of Mount Lavinia Hotel were pitted against one another in a task of preparing the best of the creamy and scrumptious batters like the traditional beer batter and Tempura batter, the nutritious Kurakkan batter and Rice flour batter and the innovative Chickpea batter and Semolina batter. As the chefs ‘battled the batters’ to perfection, the old boys from the staff of Mount Lavinia Hotel, media and invitees cheered their favourite team with flags waving, the shouts of encouragement and a live Papare band adding the flavour of a true Big Match, as the Terrace at the Mount Lavinia Hotel turned into fanfare of activity.

The celebrity panel of judges included Felicia Sorenson, Narmada Muller, Latika Alok and Eun Young Lami. The Prawn in Rice flour batter won the Gold Bat scoring 147 points while Banana in Semolina batter won the Silver Bat with 141 points. The Bronze Bat was awarded to Suasages in Kurakkan batter which obtained 135 points. Jack seed in Tempura batter, Chicken in Chikpea batter and Fish in Beer batter followed closely.

The six special batters with a variety of delectable dishes and accompaniments are on the menu at the Mount Lavinia Hotel from 13th to 31st March at the Governor’s Restaurant and the Terrace throughout lunch and dinner. Bring your friends to the MLH and carry the Big Match spirit with you to enjoy the Battle of the Batters where crunchy batter-licious dishes await to satisfy your battle-hungry taste buds.
For more information call 2 711 711 Ext. 430/446