Thursday, May 3, 2012

Floribbean Cuisine to highlight the month of May at Mount Lavinia Hotel

Florida plus Caribbean equals spicy fusion cuisine, to quote the Rob Report, "At its best, New Floribbean cuisine is bright, colorful, and tantalizing." It's a marriage of the familiar and the unfamiliar. The complexity of the spices and soft fruit and citrus flavors can be a bit daunting at first, but then again, no great dish was loved on the first taste.”

“What on earth is Floribbean Food?” The answer ties back into the wonderful melting pot of cultures found in the city of Miami. Floribbean is generally a mingling of culinary influences from Caribbean islands like The Bahamas, Barbados, Haiti and Jamaica. These island cooking styles have mixed with Miami's proximity cities including Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and creation style unlike anything else in the world.

New Floribbean cuisine is the evolution of nouvelle cuisine and fusion cuisine based on indigenous ingredients. Nouvelle cuisine focuses on fresh local ingredients, smaller portions, with local fruits and vegetables, all presented with flair. A number of herbs, fruit, vegetable garnishes and fresh greens are used to give the dish a healthy, straight from the kitchen feel. General Manager Mr Anura Dewapura stated, “It’s a dynamic mixing of flavors: elaborate pairings of powerful spices, slowly melts away into softer flavors. A wide variety of fruits and fruit juices are used to augment the flavors of the spices.”

Menus utilizing mangos, papaya, avocados, plantains, various hot peppers and other island specialties mixed with abundant seafood are now the norm in floribbean cuisine. It also blends hot, spicy Caribbean flavors with "softer" accents of cinnamon, honey and allspice in addition to oregano, cumin and cilantro. When Floribbean dishes combine elements from all these traditions, you will definitely see heat from peppers balanced by sweetness from fruit. Other elements such as coconut and rum are common, too. New techniques and flavors will be added on keeping the evolving Floribbean cuisine deliciously exciting.

Sneak peek at the Menu on offer;
Lagoon Prawn Ceviche, Tropical Salsa, Cilantro-Chillie Oil  
Spicy Tropical Gazpacho, Mini Crabcake, Fried Platano  
Seared Tuna, Roasted Coconut Flakes, Charred Pineapple Salsa
Fried Plantain and Bean Salad, Criollo Style Onion, Cilantro-Ajo Vinaigrette  
Jerk Spiced Chicken, Pumpkin-Chille Hash and Mango Salsa             
Adobo Rubbed Lamb Rump, Yuca-Plantain Mofongo & Orange Mojo         
Cuban Style Pork Chop, Baja Rice & Beans & Red Pepper-Papaya Jam       
Seared Modha, Roasted Corn, Roasted Tomato-Pepper Escabeche , Pipian           
Jamaican Style Rum Cake with Flambéed Pineapple Sauce   
Malibu Infused Crème Brûlée           
Appleton Rum Glazed Fresh Mango &Vanilla Ice     

So let the Flavors shine through in marinated, grilled and roasted meats enhanced by salsas, dressings and sauces. Traditional seafood fare and a mix of strong spices, marinades, smooth dressings and sauces create a playground for the palate. This exciting cuisine makes dining fun, delicious and surprisingly different.

Floribbean Cuisine with South beach cocktails will take place from 14th - 19th May, at the Governor’s & Terrace.

Please call 2711430 for more information.

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