Thursday, November 21, 2013

Emmanuel Kelly performs at the Terrace!

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  1. Thankful that I learned about you, Emmanuel, from my high school bath mate's post on my FB.
    "Happy Happy Welcome.." Truly moving story! God brought 3 incredible people together: YOU/Emmanuel, Ahmed & your beautiful, heroic mom! You're all an inspiration! You give us Hope! Beautiful lyrics & melody of your Let Love Find You, A Song For Edis (I downloaded/bought both) & Dream Big! Really like all your cover songs! You are funny (@Gala event & Channel 10 vids). I just hope a lot of people here will support you & buy your 2 beautiful songs on iTunes or Amazon. God bless!
    My fav vids:
    All time fav-Imagine
    Interview w/Today Tonight
    Channel 10
    Emmanuel's FB