Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Affordable Honeymoon, think Honeymoon in Paradise

Planning a honeymoon is no easy task. There are innumerable hotels and brands that offer honeymoon packages for newlyweds – a simple Google search throws up 5,250,000 results. Sorting through over 5 million web pages to get the ideal honeymoon location, only one will spell Paradise with a lifetime of memorable experiences.

“Usually when embarking on your honeymoon, one would ask the following questions: The location: What is your dream location? Are you a beach kind of person? What does your hubby think about it? So if you want to book a honeymoon on a short notice, and yes MLH is your best bet,” says Chinthaka Daluwatte – Group Director for Sales at MLHG, who has created a package that is affordable, memorable and most importantly unscrupulous.  If you want to get the best deal, chat with the MLH team who specialize exclusively in honeymoons. Besides, if you don’t plan for your honeymoon, then you won’t have enough time to pack for it accordingly. Given the frugal nature of most couples most people would generally prefer to buy a package that will save a few pennies. After all, adding the word “wedding” before any product or service is enough to cause a 40 to 60 per cent hike in the price. You might say that it is no different with honeymoons. But the honeymoon package at MLH is not that kind of rate we have excellent value additions – that means that you could end up getting premier service at a throwaway price. If that isn’t a good deal, I don’t know what is.

Here is the deal:
Honeymoon Package
LKR14,790/++ on Bed and Breakfast, and package includes spa treatment for the couple, room service, a candle lit dinner and much more. This offer is valid till 20th Dec 2013

Please call 2711711 for further details.

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