Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Culinary fusion of Latin American Flavours for lunch and dinner

We at MLH invite you to experience a culinary modern fusion of Latin American flavors Inspired by our Nuevo Latino expert Executive Chef Indika and exalted by Latin beverages that bring a sizzle to one’s senses. He has masterfully blended distinctive and traditional foods with classic Latin technique and presentation.  The end result is a new, upscale, and delicious range of flavours unique to Chef Indika and to MLH.

Latin fusion food combines tastes from the southern hemisphere: Cuba, Mexico, Peru and more. Tropical flavours reign supreme, and dishes are spicy and yet simple in their preparation. “Yes zesty flavors with our colorful Latin Fusion menu collection will be complemented with a range of exotic spiced up beverages.” If you have a Latin craving, our Latin Fusion menu and drinks will certainly be the flavor of the week..

MLH’s aspiration in their food promotions and particularly from 3rd to 9th September for lunch and dinner is to bring Latin Fusion to the local neighborhood in a warm, personable, and welcoming atmosphere. Chef Indika states, “We are proud of our creations and have therefore extended it for lunch and dinner.”

The menu on offer is:
Gambas “Margarita”                  
Tequila Marinated Chilled Prawns, Guacamole, Cajun Dust

Atún a la Plancha                              
Roasted Cumin Crusted Seared Tuna Loin, Pickled Watermelon Rind, Cilantro Oil & Yucca Chips

Océano Índico Kingfish Ceviche
Marinated Seer, Citrus, Pickled Green Chillie, Coconut Foam

Sopa De Maize                          
Chilled Sweet Roasted Corn Soup, Chorizo, Crema Fresca

Carne De Cerdo                                        
Double Cooked Pork Belly, Creamy Black Eyed Beans, Cilantro & Salsa Roja 

Red Snapper a la Plancha                  
Seared Snapper, Potato Escabeche, Sancocho Broth, Charred Pineapple Crust

Cordero Chamuscada                         
Lamb Rump, Plantain Hash, Chimichurri Sauce, Creole salad

Burrito Vegetales                              
Flour Tortilla wrapped Fire Grilled Vegetables with Tomato Salsa

Dulce De Leche Ice Cream Sandwich   
Milk caramel ice cream, chocolate wafers

Aztec Mocha Pot                               
Chili, Chocolate & Coffee pot du crème

Chocolate Cigar                                
Almond Cake Wrapped In Chocolate Mousse, Dusted with Chocolate and Served With Dulce De Leche Ice Cream

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