Monday, August 6, 2012

Sardinian cuisine…a celebration of traditional tastes by Chef Riccardo from Italy

Sardinian cuisine have a rightful place in the typically Mediterranean gastronomic tradition. Extra virgin olive oil, white meats and fish that is rich in the good, polyunsaturated variety: lamb, kid, mutton, lean pork, oily fish, molluscs and shellfish, are predominantly tasted in a Sardinian food fare.

The flavours, that have little to do with nutrients and calories, but make everything pleasing to the palate are entirely natural: wild oregano and fennel, garlic, bay leaves and indeed Sardinian dishes are exquisite to eat and healthful to the whole body.

Flavoursome, fragrant and gastronomic explosion - these are the first words that come to mind when thinking of Sardinia's foods presented by chef Riccardo from Italy.

Sardinian recipes speak of old style, familiar, humble yet rich fare that in some cases has not changed over centuries. At MLH the Sardinian Food Fare will surface ancient cuisine which is extraordinarily modern delectable touches. As the GM of MLH states,”Sardinian recipes on 24th August at the Governors Restaurant, Mount Lavinia Hotel will not only give elegance of simplicity, but all the refinement of wholesomeness.

The best of Sardinian recipes are rustic, hearty, and straightforward and some of the dishes that will be made by Chef Riccardo on 24th August for dinnerfor a price of LKR2475/-nett would be:


Seafood Salad
Smoked Tuna Fish with Mint Mayonnaise
 Fish Tartare
Beef Carpaccio.

Carasau Con Tonno E Pomodorini
Special Bread with Tuna and Tomato Dipping

Cold Cuts
Pancetta, Salami with Chili

Calamari Rings With Chili Dipping
Suckling Pig Crunchy Roasted With Herbs and Mirto Leaves
Malloreddus with Sausage and Mushroom Sauce—Special Shell Pasta

Panadas Sarde
 Special Poached Salt Cakes

Mint Ravioli with Butter Sage and Hazelnuts

Modha Fish Fillet Gratin with Oregano & Saffron Cream
Lamb Lasagna
Beef Fillet Medallions with Cannonau Sauce
Baby New Potatoes Roasted With Herbs
Mixed Devilled Vegetable with Mint and Garlic
Baked Modha Fish Tourbant Acquapazza
Meat Balls Baked In Tomato and Mushroom Sauce

Assortment of Cookies
Baked Cheese Ricotta and Saffron Pardulas,
Curd, Lemon and Almond Cake,
Pistacchio Ice Cream

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