Saturday, April 14, 2012

Diversity, Online reputation and Safeguarding the environment for 2012/2013: Hot topics at MLH’s quarterly Team Members’ Gathering

Mr Anura Dewapura, General Manager offered a new year's resolution of a somewhat more policy-orientated sort on 10th April when he proclaimed to his team in order to cater to a diverse market segment we have to be in top form and keep an ear to the ground as constant evolution in travel trends are making travelers more savvy where their wants rather than needs are focused on service and standards and also practices that safeguard the environment and their well being.

"This financial year has a clear new year's resolution: to thrive on a diversified property," he said. “That is bent on gender equality, revenue optimization, channel distribution and multi tasking within the team.”

"I want 2011/2012 to be taken as a stepping stone not just as a Year of development. Yes we saw growth in terms of room nights from our brand website that endorses the fact that online reputation is the hottest topic.”

The afternoon was dedicated to all operational departments and their focus strategies for Year 2012/2012. The Group Corp Comms Manager stated, “in order for us to be the premier heritage and food and beverage destination we have to look at areas away from the main ‘box’ and concentrate on what the global market wants. Online reputation is the buzz word at MLH. Since there are 600 million facebook users across the globe and it is rapidly increasing, social media marketing promotions is the main focus.”

The engineering head affirmed, “In order for us to move forward a greener tomorrow is our focus yet without compromising on health hazards and safety factors. We had a cost saving variance of over LKR7 million from our actual consumption to the budgeted which showed that our team at MLH is aware that saving in energy and other elements does wonders to the budgets at our hotel also it secures a better tomorrow too.”

The Executive Chef stated, “shielding ourselves is greatly important for us to succeed in all our innovative efforts that we do yet compromising in customized and tailor made menus is not in the books of MLH. Yes we do have a challenge but constant training and development on compliance in safety and health factors does make my team an enthusiastic and committed team.”

Finally, Mr Anura Dewapura stated, “effectiveness of positioning ourselves via the social media networks is vital. A solid online presence while attracting further business trends will indeed further strengthen our aim.”

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