Saturday, April 14, 2012

First ever traditional sweet treat mixing festivity in MLH to usher in Avurudu

“There is no way that the Aluth Avurudu ought to be treated casually,” States Mr Anura Dewapura, General Manager of MLH. Just as the whole world exalts Christmas, Avurudu is as significant as ever and it is unique to Sri Lanka. MLH has taken this very seriously and now ushers in the Avurudu with a Kalu Dodol mixing. On 9th April 2012, the first ever Avurudu Mixing Celebration within the premises of MLH occurred to usher in Avurudu. The initiative was taken by the team at MLH under the lead of the General Manager, Mr Anura Dewapura. “We always create a trend for the industry to highlight what is essential to the industry hence this is yet another.”

Kaludodol was chosen since it typifies Sri Lanka as it shows the shared cultures which is the essence of Sri Lankan living and the popularity of the sweet treat is everyone’s favourite in a Avurudu Table. Introduced to Sri Lanka by the Malays who migrated to Sri Lanka. It is made with coconut milk, jaggery, and rice flour, and is sticky, thick and sweet. It normally takes up to 8-9 hours to cook dodol. From the start till the end of the cooking process, the dodol must be constantly stirred in a big wok. Pausing in between would cause the dodol to burn and that will spoil the taste and aroma. The dodol is completely cooked is when it is firm, and doesn’t stick to your fingers when you touch it.

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