Tuesday, June 26, 2012

31st Slow Food night- Slow Food French with Chef Jerome and Laure-line Gros from France

Slow food for many is gastronomy taken to a higher level. Slow Food is founded on the supposed revelation that pursuing pleasure in a unique manner protects the environment, creates a sustainable agriculture, preserves culinary alliances, increases the good, the true, the purest and the beautiful, and has the potential to save our planet.

Slow Food nights at MLH are a win/win event: by eating a fabulous global cuisine by a renowned chef made with local organic ingredients bought by rural farmers of Sri Lanka. Albert Sonnenfeld, professor of French at Columbia University and editor of a distinguished series of books on culinary history, explains that the table is an “altar” that offers “the template for the preservation of human rights and the environment.” Slow Food teaches us “compassion, beauty, community, and sensuality.” And Carol Petrini, the entrepreneur who founded Slow Food states, “Faced with the excesses of modernization, we are not trying to change the world anymore, just to save it.” And indeed that is exactly what MLH did for the 31st Slow Food night at the Tropical Hut where the ingredients utilized consisted of ingredients bought by Saaraketha an organically certified entity and made to exotic French cuisine prepared by Chef Jerome and Laure-line Gros.

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