Tuesday, June 26, 2012

“World Volkswagen Day” celebrations a spectacular success

In all probability it may be the only automobile brand that has been given the worldly “honors”. And indeed it was 200 participants made the event a spectacular success. This year, the Club “spotlighted” two great personalities who brought fame to the VW Beetle, one in the race circuit being Mr.Upali Kapilasena who for many years thrilled the speed fans in his delightful Bug. The other is a personality from the ”fairer” gender who was somewhat an ardent supporter of “women liberation” right from her days at University who carries on her social activities to date. Mrs Kamini Vitharana was a pioneer Lady VW Driver from the early fifties who too took onto the lectern to speak a few words of the delights of the Bug.       

This was a very nostalgic event to the VW Family as it brings out fond memories that many owners have shared in their little Bug and to most from their childhood. VW owners of all ages come together to make this event “warm and friendly” in true form of the “Peoples Car”. The event began at Independence Square and ended at MLH.

The General Manager of MLH, stated “MLH has always been supportive of events as such and we are privileged to celebrate it at our premises and we will continue to celebrate the events of the Peoples Car.”

Those who are interested to join the many celebrations that are yet to come please contact the Club Secretary Mr.Nalin Perera on 077-0333444, of the VW Owners Beetle Club.         

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