Monday, July 2, 2012

International Hotel School of Mount Lavinia Hotel that surfaces the passion and the will to excel

Tourism and Hospitality is based on human spirit, it is the human connection that lies on the heart of Tourism and Hospitality. Tourism is a person to person endeavor. It is the warmth and the hospitality of the host country which will determine individual visitor’s impression. That attitude towards visitor’s spring naturally from our culture which is why the visitor / host relationship is a sacred one and where a guest is honoured in the humblest way of tradition. Education imparted at the International Hotel School is based on this philosophy.
                        The International Hotel School of Mount Lavinia Hotel provides a launching pad for those interested in taking up careers in the Hospitality Industry. Students may enter with Ordinary Level and / or Advanced Level qualifications and embark on exciting careers in the Hospitality Industry either in Sri Lanka or overseas. Students will have the opportunity to make many educational visits and complete social and environmental protection programs.
                        The International Hotel School is well equipped with a Library, Four spacious class rooms, which comfortably accommodates 35 students in each and facilitate for Food and Beverages Kitchen demonstration. The curriculum contains a unique blend of Theory and Practical which makes the courses exciting and rewarding at the school. The certificate issued from the International Hotel School is recognized the world over hence the possession of a certificate is a passport to employment, as students require no more further recommendation. The international Hotel School has an alumni of more than 500 students who are currently working internationally and locally at Managerial levels and many more other positions.
The International Hotel School of Mount Lavinia was the only hotel school to win 6 medals out of 07 participants at the Culinary Arts Competition held in 2011.

As one of the leading Vocational and Tertiary Education Institutes in Sri Lanka the main objective of the International Hotel School is to provide Hospitality Education and Training for those who are pursuing a career in the Hospitality Industry. The course provides Skills and Knowledge for an Individual to be competent in a range of activities and functions requiring operational knowledge and practical skills in a Hospitality Environment.
We also focus on a Holistic Training Programme which will cultivate and nurture Leadership                 Qualities and Quality Contributors to the Industry. The Objective of the training in addition to Hospitality Skills, Life Skills, Grooming and Etiquettes, Moral and Character Building.
   Our aim is to train the Youth from base level to a better source of income, to take care of them and will be Responsible for Themselves, Their Families and also the Community at large.

We are proud to add that the International Hotel School is the only functional hotel school in Sri Lanka with the history of 21 years.

We specialize in bespoke training of hoteliers. It is with this experience that the International Hotel School empowers Educational Training not only to the affluent but also to the marginalized and needy.
Empowerment is to increase strength of individuals and emphasis on functional capabilities. Capabilities denote one’s opportunity and ability to generate valuable outcomes taking into account relevant personal characteristics and external factors.
It is with the same philosophy that the school spread its wings to the North, East and South
( Trincomalee, Tangalle ) developed and conducted certificate courses in Hotel Operations.                                   

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