Monday, July 2, 2012

Launch of the Ape Kema Dinner time menu by Chef Pubilis with Sri Lanka’s favourite musicians an astounding success

The terrace with an unusually extensive beach frontage and the Colombo skyline are a photographer’s  delight at the Mount Lavinia Hotel and adjudged as “One of the Worlds’ Best Gathering Places” by Newsweek and to top it all off and an equally potent combination were the tantalizing delicacies synonymous to Sri Lanka and a storm of Sri Lankan artistes that ignited the evening, making one’s visit to the hotel nothing short of picture perfect.

So what was potent about this picturesque experience? It was Chef Publis’ evening of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine and the launch of the new dinner-time experience every Sunday night for LKR2475.  Over 15 authentic Sri Lankan dishes that surfaces the synonyms of Sri Lanka in taste, and the sound of the vibrant musician Manoj Peries will indeed make your senses reeling with delight.

Ape Kema with Chef Pubilis exalts culture and the vibe of dazzling Sri Lanka in mouthwatering tastes. 1st of July diners experienced the culinary legend himself: Chef Pubilis, but also experienced first hand the vibrant voices of Sanath Nandasiri, T M Jayaratne, and Ishaq Begg.

As a guest at the evening of the launch Mr Sanath Ranaweera, Chairman of Saree Mandhir Pvt Ltd states, “A natural setting with the idyllic ambience and a fantastic line up of popular musical gurus exalts the evening to the fullest.” Wonderful experience and this is what Sri Lanka is all about.” Mount Lavinia Hotel has got the right ingredients and the correct tastes to attract anyone to the hotel.”
For reservations for the next Ape Kema please call 2711 430 when Chef Publis cooks up the menu for Ape Kema with Visharadha Manoj Pieris and his band and surprise artiste entertaining for you on every Sunday night.


  1. Thank you Chef Pubilis for a cherished experience. Aayubowan!
    Aruni Shapiro -USA
    Asoka Gassner -Austria

  2. Thank you all for the lovely comments...hope to see you next Sunday as well!

  3. Wow!!!! This is shocking. When great majority of the country cannot even afford 3 square meals a day, let alone "Ape kama", these people are spending 1000s of rupees for fancy food. Nice going!!!!