Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Seafood Cove by the coast of Mount Lavinia surfaces Crack a Crab

The Lavinia Dressed Crab, a signature dish, was spicy, moist, steeped in its sinful flavours, pulsating with the finest flavours the destination has to offers,” states a guest at last year’s promotion

Anura Dewapura states, “Since the Crack a Crab promotion has always been a magnificent hit every year it is that time of the year for us to get down to cracking.”

The Seafood Cove steaming with Steam Pots of ocean food with Crabs and prawns, shellfish to whet your appetite made sizzling fresh by experts surrounded by the ambience of a subtle fishing zone, is an experience one should not keep for later.

Dine in an idyllic ambience overlooking the Indian Ocean in relaxed, unpretentious surroundings, savour the finest flavours... Discover the hidden cove with treasures of the sea, of the West Coast, stated by a leisure magazine. The rustic environment, the backdrop of fishermen’s nets and lanterns amidst laid out planks for tables, the rush of the ocean and the cool sea breeze create a soft harmony in ocean magic.The  crack a crab of an all you can eat crab promotion which is only from the 9th to 15th of July 2012.

Scrumptious blue lagoon Crab Cakes, the ‘Raging Crab’ a complete tempest to tease your taste buds, The Lavinia Dressed Crab by Chef Publis: the signature dish at MLH, Crab and Cilantro, Sampler Combo a total indulgence. Seafood and MLH has always been an all time favourite in the island home and the Chefs at Mount Lavinia Hotel with great expertise innovate and preserve the succulence to turn out special dishes and traditional delicacies !!

Mount Lavinia Hotel, the only renowned dream hotel in Sri Lanka offers a table of events with special promotions, strictly keeping to themes and concepts to make a simple occasion, a day of significance. General Manager of the hotel, Mr Anura Dewapura states, “You sure will have your claws on a scrumptious feast to your hearts content.” 


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  2. welcome...please drop by from 9th - 15th July at the seafood cove and enjoy the best seafood!

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