Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Five uniquely Sri Lankan flatbreads in an authentic promotion

The best breads of Sri Lanka served with the lipsmacking and tongue igniting sides are the way to go from 14th to 20th September 2012 at Seafood Cove only to Dinner. Starting as lows as LKR220 for the “Maalu Olu Mirisata” either with Roast paan or Theti paan is the best way to enjoy authentic Sri Lankan curries.

These five uniquely Sri Lankan flat breads: Roastpaan, Thetipaan, Achchupaan, Kurakkanpitpaan, Karapincha and Sudulunupaan with the right balance of thick chewy outside and soft inside will be yours to venture with all of Sri Lanka’s authentic and traditional dishes like the walawwe coconut sambol, or at the anytime dahl or the ever famous Fish heads curry.

The following menu is available for the five types of bread to savour with and not forgetting the ever-famous accompaniments..

Authentic Sri Lanka Curries                200gm each
Thora mallu kirata                                     
Balaya mirisata                                 
Modha Pepper curry                         
Thora mallu theldalla                       
Alu gal mallu Stew                            
Isso curry                                         
Mallu olu mirisata                            
Dello kalu carry                                
Hedello kiri malluwa                        
kakuluwo murunga kola curry          
mallu biththara mirisata                   

Have your curry with following Selection of bread:
Roast paan
Achchu paan
Thati paan
Kurakkan piti paan
Karapincha and sudulunu paan

Walawwe  pol sambole
Lunu sambole
Tempered Dhal curry

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