Monday, September 10, 2012

Legendary International Hotel School wins award at Sri Lanka Tourism Awards

At the recently held Sri Lanka Tourism Awards, The International Hotel School affiliated with the Mount Lavinia Hotel Group won the award for small scale enterprise in the discipline of Tourism Education and Training Efforts. The efforts at the International Hotel School not only provide a launching pad for those interested in taking up careers in the Hospitality Industry. “We also focus on a Holistic Training Programme which will cultivate and nurture Leadership Qualities and Quality Contributors to the Industry.”
The Objective of the training in addition to Hospitality Skills, Life Skills, Grooming and Etiquettes, Moral and Character Building. Their aim is to train Youth from a grass root level enabling them to emerge as an asset to the hotel or hospitality trade in Sri Lanka, and indeed sustaining their livelihood. The curriculum contains a unique blend of Theory and Practical which makes the courses exciting and rewarding at the school. The certificate issued from the International Hotel School is recognized the world over hence the possession of a certificate is a passport to employment, as students require no more further recommendation. The international Hotel School has an alumni of over 500 students who are currently working internationally and locally at Managerial levels and many more other positions.
As the Chairman of Mount Lavinia Hotel, Mr.Sanath Ukwatte’s vision to offer equal opportunities to the Rural Youth in Hospitality Education in the rural villages itself. The concept of “Gama hada rata hadamu.“ : this enables deserving youth to study Hospitality Education without any additional expenses by living out of home. “He strongly believes that hospitality education is not only for the privileged in the main cities but it should be a privilege for rural youth also. It was his opinion that the technology should go to the village and that too at grass root level.”
The International Hotel School’s collective conviction that a truly prospering and humane region requires holistic investments in its youth and their development undoubtedly securing a great future for Sri Lanka, is indeed the ultimate objective of the International Hotel School of the Mount Lavinia Hotel Group.
Mr M N Hulangamuwe – Principal of the Hotel School states, “We are proud to add that the International Hotel School is the only functional hotel school in Sri Lanka with the history of 21 years.”

The International Hotel School - ( IHS ) is situated in the vicinity of Mount Lavinia Hotel and students receive a supervised practical training in hands-on learning activities offered by  Mount Lavinia Hotel.

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